Use AI tuned to craft the perfect newsletter.

No more prompt engineering and snake charming general purpose conversational AI. Lilla is designed for one single purpose: write content that makes jaws drop.

What's different about Lilla?

Using generative AI is not as easy as promised. For sharply defined purposes, like writing newsletters, AI has a steep learning curve. Lilla is designed to make that curve flat.


From writers to writers.

Building an AI-based writing tool is not a big deal. The challenge is making it work for you, instead of it making you do the work. Lilla is tuned for newsletter writers, not for engineers.


Craft words, not prompts.

Finding the right prompts cost time and money. Lilla does that for you. (And we promise not to sell you 75 Awesome Prompts To Write A Banger Newsletter.)



Lilla is built by a single developer. (Me.) That’s very good for you: I move fast and build the app you need. And you’ll have a direct line to me.

Features, built for newsletter creators

Magic AI tools

Lilla is your editor, proofreader, and co-author at the same time.

Chat with Lilla

Lilla knows everything about writing. You can ask her about anything. Well, at least about your content.



Speak your mind, and let Lilla do the typing. Going from idea to draft has never been easier.

Outline generator


Your ideas are all over the place? Just tell Lilla what you want to write about, and she will generate an outline for you.

Early access.

For newsletter creators who want to push the boundaries of generative AI-assisted writing.

  • Early access to all of Lilla's features
  • $10 of Lilla credits every month
  • Access to Lilla's private Discord server
  • A direct line to Lilla's developer
  • A chance to shape Lilla into the perfect tool for you
  • Risk-free smooth sailing with a perfect app